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The video and hopefully next time off

Discussion in 'Member Rides' started by aershay malik1, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. aershay malik1

    aershay malik1 New Member

    Nov 18, 2014
    The video and hopefully next time off a little bit better not be walkout my funk I'm in funk right now our because I really want to look at this hour be honest and straight up with you guys that anyways I hope you guys enjoy the video that feels like the Francisco if you guys want to be used I always take requests to real number: or message me it's personal no problem I'm probably like still no problem but with home till you have tried every Queen Shred HDX this video over times is no joke so I relief I'm trying get is you know sort my head and I was good my videos so pretty much work comes out right now is what I want to say and maybe later on the way garnish said that anyways k is going to be a tiny chat with you and it's only make up tutorial your makeup I don't every day and night to let my expiry once in a while it's good for your skin actually this issue visa Mackinac partners in advance if there is a is a little bit long but I want to make this video because when my sis covers about a week ago message me ultimately what she wanted to me is that she watches or make videos and Benjamin videos and it's true it's true I complain about acne and talk about acne you know .
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