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Still Alive And Boosting

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by navylife59, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. navylife59

    navylife59 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
    For anybody still left alive out there, Project tC is still running the streets with the, pretty much stock, OEM engine, trans, clutch, axles with the TRD S/C blown to 15 PSI. Never could get the Greddy Ultimate E-manage to tune. Went back to just the TRD mapped ECM. Car run muchj smoother but was missing the power that it should have been producing. My DC Sports 4-1 header finally corroded away, so I stuck the OEM (cat still intact) back on. Man oh man, did that engine come alive! You see, the OEM/TRD mappings had been working against me cause the B1S1 Wideband sensor had been receiving skewed data w/o the primary TWC. So when the B1S2 Narrowband picked up the gas flow, it perceived it as something wrong, telling the ECM to adjust accordingly to compensate. Still, fact is, I have been running this S/C for over 60K miles, boosted to 15PSI for the past 30K, with no intercooler setup and the motor is still going strong as ever.

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