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Sport Compact Spring Nationals From Emerald Coast Dragway

Discussion in 'Drag Racing' started by StreetBrawler89, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. StreetBrawler89

    StreetBrawler89 Member

    Nov 20, 2008
    I competed in two styles of racing, the bracket and the Arm-Drop midnight madness street racing style. The strip is only an 1/8 mile but the lane condition is excellent and the track has served for NHRA qualifying purposes.

    Only got four runs with the lights on during the bracket racing:

    I dialed in at 10.150 after my first run of 10.3 to qualify, had a little wheel slip off the line and figured I could shake that. RT was .68.

    Second run was to advance. Ran it in 10.16 with an RT.75

    Third drag was to advance. Ran it in 10.3 with an RT .9(yeah I know horrible but the tires just wonnt catch) It was a bye run as there were an odd number of racers.

    Fourth run was to advance. Got to the end in 10 flat breaking my bracket and DQing me from continuing on.

    Went 3/6 in the Arm drop races-First 2 were against V8 Cobras and I didnt have a chance, third race I won against an Integra, forth race I got killed against a 5.0 90s something Stang, 5 and 6 I won against members of my Scikotics chapter one in an XB and one in a XD. No idea on the times for the Arm-Drop stuff as the took the lights down.

    Engine Mods-Lightweight Pulley set, K&N drop in air filter. Everything else was stock besides the suspension.

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