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South Carolina

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Raysxb, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Raysxb

    Raysxb Guest

    I'm new to this site, I've been active on most xb sites for years. I have been pimping scions for 12 years now. I go by Raysxb on all scion sites and i live in Myrtle Beach, SC.. What got me involved with Scion? I saw my very first xB at an electronics expo in NC at the end of 2003. The xb reminded me of a cross between the Suzuki Samauri and Mazda B2000 pickup. I was big in the minitruckin scene on the west coast for years before moving out to the east coast in 2002. I hunted the internet to gind out what a scion was, found out it was Toyotas offspring. Back then the toyota dealers didnt even know what a scion was! Feb 4th 2004 they released the xB on the east coast, I bought my first one 3 days later. Some of you may already know who I am from the scion community. I only customize xBs, hence the name Raysxb. I have ownes 6 scions now, three that i still own.

    2004 Camoflauge xB
    2005 RS 2.0 xB Solar Yellow (show car - still own)
    2006 RS 3.0 xB Envy Green
    2004 xB Thunder Cloud Metallic
    2007 tC Black (still own - daily driver)
    2005 xB Black Onxy Pearl (still own - daily driver)

    I just figured i would check out the site. Been on club xb for years..

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