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Short Ram Intake: Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Engine Performance' started by NVScion31, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. NVScion31

    NVScion31 New Member

    Mar 16, 2016
    Hey Guys,

    I just picked up s 2015 TC base model and I'm looking to do a little bit of customizing. I've been considering a short ram intake as my first upgrade and I want some opinions on the subject. Now, before everyone tells me to go with a cold air intake; where I live we get a lot of rain and snow which is why I decided on a short ram instead. I want to know if its worth getting or if I'm better off sticking with the factory intake. I've read that while you may gain some HP and acceleration, I mighty lose a bit of something on the top end. I don't plan on going out to the drag strip or anything but I do want to increase performance. I just want to know if its worth it and if it is, any suggestions on what brand to pick up.


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