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Road Racing the tC Sept 20th Saturday, Come Join Us! 8hr Road Course, E-Town NJ

Discussion in 'Autocrossing and Road Racing' started by Xero187, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Xero187

    Xero187 Member

    Jun 4, 2008
    This Saturday @ Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ you can attend an 8hour class and walk away with your clubsport license to drive on the road course during open track days for $150. You will be able to participate in Time Trial events as well.

    The class is $225 and goes as follows:

    Arrive no later than 8:30am to clean out your car and whatnot.

    9:00AM - 10:00AM 1st CLASSROOM SESSION
    You will learn the basics of high performance driving. Expect to learn car control and car preparation. The basics include tire pressures and suspension set up. Driving skill will include proper braking and shifting, as well as apexing and car control. We will finish the class with track configuration and turn in points.

    10:00AM - 12:00PM ON TRACK
    We will break the class down into smaller groups so everyone has plenty of open track time. In this session you will have an instructor go over what you learned in class and will stress the importance of being smooth.

    12:00PM - 12:45PM LUNCH BREAK

    Suggested you bring your own lunch

    12:45PM - 1:30PM 2nd CLASSROOM SESSION
    Go over what was learned and answer any questions

    1:30PM - 5:00PM ON TRACK
    Open track with follow the leader and instructors. At this point we are looking to see how comfortable you are. HAVE FUN!

    Minimum requirements: Helmet, pants, shirts and shoes. Helmet for rent or sale at track. Green License received upon completion of day. You are now approved for green level open track and time trial events!

    I just received word back from Mr. Winters, the Road Course Director, answering some of my questions. Check it out!

    The registration form was used at the 7/21 school and was supposed to be blank where the date is when it went on the web site. Please just use that form and cross off the date. I'm working on having the site updated. once you and your members each fill out the form please fax it in to my office. If you are paying by credit card, your card will be charged on the date of the school. We will not be taking money ahead of time unless you just don't show up. Please bring your original registration form and tech sheet with you the day of the class, and if you are paying the $225 by cash or check please bring that with you also.

    I would arrive around 8:30 so you have time to clean out your car and get it ready. We will be having class and open track time year round weather permitting at least once a week. As we start to get busier I will add more days per week. I will also be updating the calendar this week to add more dates for this year.

    As far as payment goes the track only accepts Check/Cash or Visa/Mastercard

    You will have some one on one time with your instructor as well as follow the leader type drills. Our object is to make you comfortable so you can go out there by yourself whenever you want.

    There is a store about 3 miles away that sells food and has gas. I would come with a full tank of gas and you still may run out. The way I run my day you get a lot of track time.

    See you Saturday

    Chris Winter
    Raceway Park
    Road Course Director


    The road course is 1.35 miles, and a minimum of 40' wide, save for the 1,400 ft straightaway which measures 50' wide. Some highlights of the track include a 90 degree right turn, a 16 degree banked left turn, and a mini corkscrew. Be sure to check out the youtube video of a ride around the Raceway Park road course. For more information, stay tuned to

    Several people from Long Island Speed Freaks will be attending including 2 tC's and one 350z.
    I just found out all the information so hopefully the list grows!

    PM me with any questions!

  2. navylife59

    navylife59 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
    Darn! Wish I knew about this about a month ago.
  3. Xero187

    Xero187 Member

    Jun 4, 2008
  4. ghostrider

    ghostrider New Member

    Dec 18, 2008
    How did you learn of this? I would definitely go next year, if I could make arrangements to do so in advance.
  5. Xero187

    Xero187 Member

    Jun 4, 2008
  6. Xero187

    Xero187 Member

    Jun 4, 2008 Chris Winter runs the road course and his email is on the website. Really cool guy. Helped me clean up my driving alot!:banana_piano:

    March is when a few fellow car nutz and I plan to go back! (traction sux in the cold)

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