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Need HELP with fuel issue, Please

Discussion in 'Fuel System' started by gharris87, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. gharris87

    gharris87 New Member

    Jan 7, 2016
    My daughter has a 2006 Tc, initially about two weeks ago I noticed a rather loud buzzing noise coming from the car but could not locate the source. This past weekend my daughter was coming home and her car started stalling out like it was starved for fuel then she could not keep it running. After getting it home and talking to a buddy of mine we came to the conclusion that it was a fuel pump issue. Swapped out the pump and filter, now the car will not start. It will turn over, but no start...Directions said to turn key to "on position" a few times to prime the pump but the pump does not run until you actually try starting the car, then you can hear the pump run. I'm thinking now that I may have a fuel pump relay problem but I can not find the relay. It is not located in the under hood fuse box and I do not have the diagram for the under dash fuse box on the drivers side. That is what I need help with, could anyone please post a photo of the under dash fuse box diagram so I could see if the fuel pump relay is located there and I could try to test it? BTW, the loud buzzing was indeed coming from the old fuel pump, the loud buzzing is now gone. Thank You in advance!!

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