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Logically so let's say you have 20 computers and

Discussion in 'Comments' started by Albad jone, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Albad jone

    Albad jone New Member

    Jul 18, 2014
    Logically so let's say you have 20 computers and they're all connected to the same swish well they are physically all connected to the same switch but what we can do in the computer world is within us wish we can put that's a we can split those computers down the middle and put half the computers 10 the computers logically onto one network and the other half logically onto another network so although the computers physically come together did physically they connect that monthly logically they're not able to talk teach other because these two things are not necessarily the same thing and many times are very very very different so the physical way that computers connect are you have 646-206 let's say you have computer and that you have a network cable that network cable physically runs all the way back to us which saw mess with this physically connected to arouser that routers physically connected to something else was cactus bias so that computer is physically connected to the swish which is connected to the router except well within the computer world we can also slipped things up.

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