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Big Man Power

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by thomas millerip, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. thomas millerip

    thomas millerip New Member

    Mar 16, 2015
    I really have a conversation and i mean it’s every moment it's a new but it's very intentional appear anywhere very intentional always observing my own feelings and thoughts and hers as well Lenin thing about thesis that it's very hard to be intentional wind it starts at two thirty in the morning with a textbook people were dropped will make one hypothesize Isabella valued at drug testing because i don’t both sides of this map...
    I’m shocked now begins now i look back and because of I’d don't you really think I’ve never done that but exactly under well i don't mean you have been tested it sounds to me that is scheduled six-figure inebriated in your texting somebody in the overnight and then you hold up the it's pretty hard to the international investors you have to really show me some time in Singapore believe it is absolutely right in because that is such a huge part of the socializing process.
    I’m not saying you can't directory candy drugs and they're saying that if you want to have intentional sexual relationship it's not easy to do both of the state nowhere he had to be really aware away whatever you're doing but yeah but the whole alcohol in late night installing Trinidad so guilty of doing that stuff Lube where you know but how did it for me it was like i would get home laid and you are not the super late you know wanting to before near ten dollars a day I’d write about test knowing that nothing’s really happened was more like you know some of the guys it sprays is unconstitutional dot but i dot I’ve got an offer made by well you know i mean a dozen it exact same situation just once a month ago that no one's ever done this but first magic maddening five p.m._ any text that same guy or girl who's a head of the event that you can tell your both totally joey the clown at do you want to get together again i think whatever that answer is use that and everyone you know it may contain songs like that what you're deciding sonar that once you’re getting together later you're going to get together and all the way it's an it’s kind of a bumpy road that's funny you know i blew it nobody had best be getting more artist sand make being intentional singer not.

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