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Jul 22, 2017
Mar 22, 2006
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Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
C-130T Loadmaster Navy Reserves

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Super Moderator, Male, from Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA

Staff Member

bryantorres: Your questions moved here for clarity Jun 4, 2012

navylife59 was last seen:
Jul 22, 2017
    1. Jay666
      Thanx so much man. I got my SC yesterday. Making plans to install and stuff. I'm going to add the WR short ram intake and the NST SC Overdrive pulley and belt when I install the SC. These are all decisions I've made with help from you, so I appreciate it. Couple more questions for you.

      Did you have your SC powder coated? What did that run you?

      What brand fuel piggybacks would you recommend?
    2. Yoki 1203
      Yoki 1203
      Hey! i saw some of your posts around the forum and i saw some sites you threw up and one of them was and i was trying to figure out if i were to put some of those parts on my tc would it not void my warrenty because it is trd made and installed?
    3. chop83
      What Would Be The Best Performance Chip For The 08? And Are Brian Crower Parts Reliable?
    4. navylife59
      Look at Project tC in the Member Rides section. The pics show my custom shorty intake with standard 2.5" piping. Now look at my avatar. That "turbo looking" intake setup did not map out correctly. Using 3" piping and MAF adaptor with the length being very short caused the MAF sensor to be out calibration for amount of airflow. This was causing a very erradict idle (hunting). I went back to my original intake setup but building a box to go around the air filter. This will keep temps down and allow for the forced air (RAM) setup.

      Adding an aftermarket intake will cause your car to go lean. If you have a piggyback then you can tune for this. The WR is the only one on the market with the claim to work on a stock ECM controlled TRD S/C.
    5. Jay666
      Hello. Got a question for you RE a recent discussion:

      "...I enlarged the driver's side to flow more air into my air filter. It is to be mounted in a sealed box to take advantage of Ram Air."

      RE the Ram Air, I see you have listed for intake on your profile "custom shorty". Is this a ram intake to go with your SC as an intake?

      I am trying to figure out exactly what the deal is with intake set up's when you have a SC because I will be installing my TRD SC soon and was told you can't have any kind of upgraded intake w. a SC. I currently have the TRD CAI but found this Weapon R Ram Intake that appears to be made specifically for running with the TRD SC:Weapon*R Racing Development

      Can I run this with my SC, and can you explain this to me, because I am a bit lost on the topic of upgrading air intake device in addition with a SC.
    6. navylife59
      I have been told that the Spec clutch line has problems and so to has CLutch Masters. Check into Exedy. NST and Agency Power make good pullies.
    7. chop83
      Hey whats up?...I got an 08 super white tc and i was wondering what is the best clutch,flywheel and pullys to put on??...
    8. navylife59
      K O. Will check it.
    9. Nathanr.6168
      The Pics of the Flywheel, Clutch, Pressure Plate, and throwout are up.
    10. navylife59
      No regrets. The Vortech part of the TRD kit is not at fault for the problems. It has strictly been with the TRD designed parts of the kit, such as, the torque shaft, idler pulley bearings, and the compressor housing mounting bracket. I believe that the only thing that change for the V5 trim Vortech is from helical cut gears to straight cut gears to get rid of the the excessive noise from the gear lash. Installing yourself is easier than a turbo install but does require that your ECM be flashed by a Toyota Tech. Warranty will be the same 12 month/12K miles for you either way.
    11. rbrick220
      hey... so i know you are the supercharger guru... i'm wanna get the supercharger and am starting to hear people saying they're junk and vortech made a bad product. i'm out of warrenty and was gonna install myself. you've had your for about 40k miles... any regrets?
    12. navylife59
      I only have one set of driving lights. The location of the factory fogs are actually a set of Hella Horns.
    13. justplayxtragic
      I almost bought a dark blue tC. There aren't many around here but there are even less Waveline Pearls. Oh snap.
    14. punk2m1d
      I just saw the pictures of your car. I like the 2 different sets of fog lights. Where did you find each of them?
    15. navylife59
      Yes, very brand new back in the Spring of 2005. I kind of miss that look.
    16. bwolfe84
      seeing as you are a mod, is there anyway you can get me a banner to put on my myspace to help sponsor this site a litte more
    17. BlowntC
      How are you? I was hoping to ask you a couple of questions about my tC. It is supercharged (2007 model).. I am about to add an NST pulley (9.5psi), Forge 007 bpv and a weapon r short ram for the trd blower.. 1.Should I notice a significant amount of difference in performance? 2.After the "box" filter is out f way, shouldn't the blower sound be more obvious? 3. How do i reset the ecu after the install? 4. how in the heck do i take off that Mcgard pulley bolt? thanks for your input.
    18. IloveBoost
      hey sorry to bother you again but i have another ? if you could help me please. I have a greddy turbo timer and was wondering which wire on the ecu do i tap into for the vss on an 08 tc and i also have a turboxs knock light and do not know how to install, if you could help me i would appreciate it thank you
    19. navylife59
      Your right,You are a little older,fatter and uglier for sure. By the way,,I was able to look at your private message's and change things around if I wanted to.....Big Brother is watching !!!!!!!!
    20. navylife59
      Yep. It was when I first got her on my drive back to the BAse in New Orleans. I am also a little older, fatter, and uglier now.:)
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    Home Page:
    Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
    C-130T Loadmaster Navy Reserves
    TRD S/C - ZPI 9PSI Pulley
    TurboXS BPV
    Custom Shorty Intake
    Nology Wires
    ZPI Lightweight Crank Pulley
    NST Lightweight Water Pump Pulley
    NST Overdrive Alternator Pulley
    Custom 4Ga grounding
    Greddy Ultimate a/ MAP
    PLX Devices Wideband Controller
    Custom Vacuum Distribution Block
    DC Sports Header (Ceramic)
    Megan Sports S-Pipe
    TRD Axle-back
    Custom Painted Valve Cover
    Large FM Oil Cooler
    Royal Purple 10W-30 Synthetic
    Lucas Oil Synthetic Oil Stabilizer
    Toyota Performance Oil Filter
    Royal Purple 75W-90 Gear Oil
    Royal Purple Ice Super Coolant
    Kaminari CF Adj. Race Wing
    TYC Taillights
    Xpel Technologies Headlamp Protector (Blue)
    Wheels & Tires:
    Stock 17"s/ Potenzas (40K)
    Cross-drilled/slotted rotors F/R (Powder Coated Blue)
    Red Painted OEM Calipers
    Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Blue)
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    Future Modifications:
    Custom TEC Fuel Chiller
    NST 14.5PSI Pulley
    Methyl/H2O Injection
    CF Hood w/ Custom Ram Induction
    CF Fenders
    CF Rear Hatch Decklid
    18x8 Wheels and Tires
    Upgrade Struts
    6-Speed/LSD from ZPI (JDM)
    ZPI (Kenny) Tune

    Hotchkis TVS Stage I springs with F/R sway bars
    Hotchkis Front Strut Brace
    MMW Rear Strut Brace


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