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Jul 22, 2017
Mar 22, 2006
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Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
C-130T Loadmaster Navy Reserves

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Super Moderator, Male, from Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA

Staff Member

bryantorres: Your questions moved here for clarity Jun 4, 2012

navylife59 was last seen:
Jul 22, 2017
    1. shody
      my profile picture of me, my friend did years ago... i've tried to copy his work but i fail lol
    2. navylife59
      RotorPros cross-drilled and slotted. They are killer for the price and will stop you on a quarter (inflation from bad economy)
    3. CiscoInATc
      I need to get myself new rotors and pads, i choose the Hawk pads cause i heard they were the best, But i don't know what do do about my rotors any recommendations?
    4. versatyletc
      my color scheme is navy blue orange. and my front is going to be painted orange so im doing a navy blue grille. those rims will be off soon lol got some powdercoated orange to go with the flow of the car.
    5. navylife59
      Yeah just for about 35 days. Looking for Scions with desert tires and PIAA lights on a brush bar. No luck yet.
    6. StreetBrawler89
      Hey man, heard your deployed. Good luck.
    7. Sifu
      Hey Navylife59,
      I thought you might like to see this prototype from a few years back. If anything it's another approach to more products for many transportation vehicles. It's called the Thompson Coupling. Pretty snazzy and a simple design nonetheless (crazy Aussies).

      YouTube - the Thompson Coupling in action
    8. Jay666
      PLEASE let me know when you do this! I will be first in line!
    9. navylife59
      My problem is no place to do a proper job. Once I get a shop built/bought, then I will be doing special custom work for my tC brethren.
    10. Jay666
      I'd love to have mine PC, but I don't want to deal with having to dis-assemble it.

      Maybe I'll look into the micro polish then. By chance, this is not something you could do for some $$ if I sent the unit to you, is it?
    11. navylife59
      Yes, you can have it micro polished. You could also use caliper paint on it that would last. My early pics were of the brush on type but I highly recommend the spray on type. Engine enamel paint works well too. The unit could be bead blasted for a nice sheen look before you paint it. I just PC mine because, well, I am just that way.
    12. Jay666
      "You can just have the Vortech S/C micro polished for a chrome look that does not require disassembly like you will have to do for PC, anodizing, or chroming".

      You can't have the TRD SC micro polished?

      Enlighten me...
    13. Jay666
      Sorry I have asked you so many questions dude.

      That thing is awesome! I'll PM you on this. I am def interested.
    14. navylife59
    15. Jay666
      Cool, thanks a lot man. I will look into those.

      I'm not able to access the post on the link you gave me for some reason. It's telling me I "don't have sufficient privileges to access the page"????

      Are you selling a piggback?

      Oh, also re the earlier discussion we had about the Weapon R ram air intake for the SC, have you heard any good or bad things about this? I am very close to purchasing and am kind of wondering if you were in my shoes and could not make a one off like you did, but wanted more out of the TRD SC set up if you would try that thing out. Or, if you know anyone who has.
    16. Yoki 1203
      Yoki 1203
      oh ok thanks a lot man!
    17. navylife59
      Boomslang makes adaptor pigtail harnesses to interface with the ECM. Most people like UniChip or Greddy Ultimate. The Ultimate is powerful, but has difficult support and can be quirky sometimes with our ECM. It takes someone with good working knowledge and experience to set it up right. The UniChip can be setup by UniChip by sending them the unit and giving them all of your mods. Not a dyno tune, but close. They also have a few authorized dealers scattered around.

      I still have this for sale. It can snaze up yours or I can PC yours for a different look. PM me.
    18. Jay666
      Cool. Thanx for the info. I don't think I have the patience or money to have the TRD SC disassembled and taken for PC. Would be nice, but oh well. Yours look bad ass though.

      Also, is there a brand of fuel piggyback you would recommend or caution to stay away from? I am debating getting one and need some guidance.
    19. navylife59
      Jay666.1 :) : You are welcome. Yes my TRD is PC. I did it myself. You will also notice that I machined off the mounting flange for the TRD cast intake plenum, drill the boss for an AIT fitting, and polished the interior of the compressor housing. I also upgraded the seals and the bearings to high-speed ceramic ball types. You can just have the Vortech S/C micro polished for a chrome look that does not require disassembly like you will have to do for PC, anodizing, or chroming.
    20. navylife59
      chop83: There is no "chip" for any late model Toyos or Scions. Yes, BC parts are uber reliable. Check out their website. They operate from state-of-art equipment, top-notch R&D, high-tech materials, and race proven.

      Yoki_1203: Anything TRD install by a Dealership will carry full TRD warranty and not cause any issue with warranty on your tC. TRD parts installed by other than Dealership generally should carry a 1 year, 12K mile warranty from TRD only. Dealership will not provide any warranty work on these parts. Your tC warranty can only be affected if it is proven that the install was done incorrectly and as a result, caused damage to your vehicle.
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    Home Page:
    Emory, Texas or Gretna, LA
    C-130T Loadmaster Navy Reserves
    TRD S/C - ZPI 9PSI Pulley
    TurboXS BPV
    Custom Shorty Intake
    Nology Wires
    ZPI Lightweight Crank Pulley
    NST Lightweight Water Pump Pulley
    NST Overdrive Alternator Pulley
    Custom 4Ga grounding
    Greddy Ultimate a/ MAP
    PLX Devices Wideband Controller
    Custom Vacuum Distribution Block
    DC Sports Header (Ceramic)
    Megan Sports S-Pipe
    TRD Axle-back
    Custom Painted Valve Cover
    Large FM Oil Cooler
    Royal Purple 10W-30 Synthetic
    Lucas Oil Synthetic Oil Stabilizer
    Toyota Performance Oil Filter
    Royal Purple 75W-90 Gear Oil
    Royal Purple Ice Super Coolant
    Kaminari CF Adj. Race Wing
    TYC Taillights
    Xpel Technologies Headlamp Protector (Blue)
    Wheels & Tires:
    Stock 17"s/ Potenzas (40K)
    Cross-drilled/slotted rotors F/R (Powder Coated Blue)
    Red Painted OEM Calipers
    Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Blue)
    My Wallet
    My Checking Account
    My Credit Card
    Future Modifications:
    Custom TEC Fuel Chiller
    NST 14.5PSI Pulley
    Methyl/H2O Injection
    CF Hood w/ Custom Ram Induction
    CF Fenders
    CF Rear Hatch Decklid
    18x8 Wheels and Tires
    Upgrade Struts
    6-Speed/LSD from ZPI (JDM)
    ZPI (Kenny) Tune

    Hotchkis TVS Stage I springs with F/R sway bars
    Hotchkis Front Strut Brace
    MMW Rear Strut Brace


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    TRD S/C @ 15PSI and Jotech Motorsports decals/
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